Windows 365: Now Windows Can be Used in Mobile Like a Computer

Windows 365: Now Windows Can be Used in Mobile Like a Computer
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Windows 365: If you have also been complaining that you cannot use Microsoft Windows in any other system, then there is good news for you. Microsoft has launched Windows 365 which can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Windows 365 can be used on desktop, laptop, and mobile as well. The purpose of launching Windows 365 is to make the notion of cloud PC come true. You can access Windows 365 through a browser or the web.

Windows 365 Availability

According to Microsoft, Windows 365 will be released in all formats from August 2, after which it will be accessible from any device such as Mac, iPad, Linux, and Android mobile. With this, two cloud PC configurations will be available which are Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise. The company has not yet given information about the price.

Features of Windows 365 Review in Hindi
Credit – Microsoft

Features of Windows 365 Review in Hindi

With Windows 365, you will get the same experience as you would get with a normal Windows computer or laptop. The only difference between Windows 365 and regular Windows is that you have to install Windows and you can access Windows 365 through a web browser. In Windows 365, you will get all the features of Windows 10 (or Windows 11). In Windows 365 too, users will get all their apps, tools, data, and settings. Simply put, Windows 365 is a cloud-based Windows operating system. The biggest benefit of this will be to the business and enterprises.

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Support for many apps in Windows 365 Review

According to Microsoft, all types of business apps such as Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, and Power Platform will be supported with Windows 365. Microsoft Endpoint Manager will also be able to work with Windows 365. With this, Endpoint Analytics Dashboard will also be supported.

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